Let Me Sea

living free riding dreams – photographic artist

Ride Exhibition

Ride was my vision to bring together Art and Culture on the Sunshine Coast. It was a series of collaborations with other artists and musicians to create an event showcasing the talent we have on the Coast. It began with a collab between myself and local band The Floating Bridges soon connecting with other emerginging artists Evangeline Cachinero Claire Matthews and  The Nowhere Art Group.  Alongside my images of The Floating Bridges and other local duo He Said She Said featuring Alya Scanlan and Michael Morgan.  Rachel Cutler jumped on board to help with the creation of a multimedia film clip to be released online and to roll on the night of the exhibition opening.  The images of artist Claire Matthews were inspired by her talent and skateboarding background.  Evangeline’s shoot was drawn from her links to Spanish artist’s Picasso, Salvador Dali and of course her admiration for Mexican artist Frida Kahlo.  With The Floating Bridges we shot at a local shack not only visually rich but like the band a well known icon to the Sunshine Coast.

web ride prints-1-11web ride prints-55 copyweb ride claire copyweb ride prints-1-9 copyweb ride prints-32web ride prints-34 copyride prints-1-20 copyweb ride prints-12web ride prints-1-19web ride prints-58web ride prints-65 copyweb ride prints-62webhe said she said30x30web he said she saidride press weekender


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